Hey guys!


So I know this is REALLY early but I’m starting this now so that we can get as many submissions as possible (Sophia’s birthday is July 8th).

This tumblr is dedicated to Sophia’s birthday and here you can leave a message or submit whatever you would like to wish Sophia happy birthday and tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Later on we’ll also add a crowdrise team where you can donate money to her favorite charities. 

Please don’t mention this to Sophia, we want it to be a surprise on the day of her birthday, but please reblog this and spread it around (on twitter, facebook, everything) so that as many people as possible can submit and this can be an awesome present that Sophia will see.

If anyone wants to get a head start, you can start submitting right now but you have until July 7th to get your submissions in so no rush! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you!


Y’all. There are sharks at . ♫ “Shark In the Water” by V.V. Brown

March 25th, Sophia Bush on Hatfields&McCoys set in Boston, MA


sophiabush Before I left North Carolina for the last time, I left y’all this note at TRIC. I meant it from the bottom of my heart. Still do. Love. xoxo #itsanOTHthing

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Ugly on the inside creates ugliness on the outside. Because you spread your darkness around and bring other people down. Cheap shots are just that. Cheap as fuck. 
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 It’s not even my date and he still gets me out of my skirt!

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i know it’s still kind of early but i want to do something(s) for sophia’s birthday and i’ll probably need some help so if you want to help or just want to contribute please let me know!